Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rules of the Game 2009-2012 (changes)

At the 31st FIVB World Congress held in Dubai on the 16-17 June 2008, the Rules of the Game for 2009-2012 has been approved. As of 1 January 2009, this new edition of rules would be adopted and applied in all FIVB sanctioned championships. All Confederations and National Federations are to adopt and apply these new rules in their championships.

As there are some changes to the new rules, below are some explanation by FIVB with regards to the exact changes so as to avoid confusion. It is best to read and understand the explanation below alongside a copy of the latest Rules of the Game 2009-2012, which you could download from FIVB (Official Volleyball Rules New Edition 2009-2012).

The explanation below is taken from FIVB World Volley News No. 33 November 2008 which can be downloaded from FIVB (World Volley News)

World Volleyball News: No. 36, February 2009

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